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Kids and Guard Dogs, What to Do?

Kids and Guard Dogs, What to Do?

Guard dogs are nice to have. It’s as if you have your own personal security at home. However, there are some cases when you can’t control your guard dog’s temper. What if you have kids at home? Don’t you think that you are putting them in danger?

Well, spare yourself from worrying too much. Read my tips below and know what to do.

  • Never leave your kids unattended. It is very important that you keep an eye on your kids most especially if you have guard dogs. Remember that these dogs are huge and can sometimes go wild. There are some instances that they might hurt your kids.

There was an incident in the US when a baby was killed by their dog while the dad was sleeping in the next room. That’s actually negligence. I guess you wouldn’t want to have that same fate, would you?

  • Set a playing area that is not near the dog.  Kids love to play. That’s something that you can’t change. If you have a guard dog, make sure that you don’t let your kids come too near it. Make a playing area inside your homes, or have it meters away from the dog. Just in case your dog gets wild, it won’t be able to attack your kids easily. You can still have the time to control it.
  • Introduce your kids to you dog. Guard dogs protect their owners. They don’t usually attack people whom they are familiar with. I would suggest that you make your kids visible to your dog. Again, you would have to maintain a safe distance. By doing so, your dog will be able to know that your kids are not a threat because they are also family.
  • Give your dog a regular check – up. It is necessary that you bring your dog to a veterinarian. You must also give him his vaccines. That way, it will be healthy and you won’t be scared of rabies. Remember, you have kids at home. You need to keep them safe at all times.
  • Keep a first aid kit. Accidents happen, even if you are very careful. Just in case your dog attacks your kid, make sure that you have a first aid kit.

You can get more tips from veterinarians and from zoos. Yes, the zookeepers are equipped with knowledge on how you can control an animal’s temper. If you want, you can get cheap zoo coupons over the internet.

Kim Bookman is fascinated with guard dogs. She has few guard dogs at home, and she has kids too. Kim is aware that guard dogs can be temperamental. Hence, she came up with ways on how she can prevent accidents regarding her dogs and kids.


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