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Online Shopping For Your Pet

Online Shopping For Your Pet

Gone are the days where the only things available to buy for your pet were food and bedding. Nowadays, indulgent pet owners have the choice of a huge range of items for their pet, from pet shops, vets and specialist online stores. For the best choice in accessories and necessities though, getting online is by far the best solution.

Food and treats

Some pets are very fussy about what they eat, and others have to have a special diet because of illness or some other medical condition. For owners living in rural or remote areas, specialist pet foods may be difficult to source. Online shopping opens up the possibility of accessing these special items, as well as competitive prices for other, more standard food stuffs for pets. Delivery charges sometimes put buyers off when it comes to shopping on the internet, but the delivery charges are often less than the petrol charge for driving to the nearest stockiest of the items required.

Clothing and Accessories

Whether it be leads and collars, or expensive designer items, everything is available online from retailers in Ireland, Europe and far beyond. If you wish to dress your pooch in the latest catwalk looks from Tokyo or LA then all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse. Stores which stock pet accessories online such as leads and collars will typically have a much wider choice of designs and colours than your local vet or pet store, all with the option to return the goods for a refund if the item is not as expected.

Veterinary Supplies

Rather than going to the vet for worming, flea treatments or breeding vitamins for horses, shopping online will save both time and money. Items bought online are exactly the same as the items bought over the counter in the pet shop or from a vet, and assuming the pet owner is competent and experienced in administering the drug there is little benefit to paying the premium of having a vet supply the drug and give it to the animal. Many vets, especially in the city, may not be experienced in dispensing items such as breeding minerals and better advice can be found online on a specialist website which only deals in the sales of vitamins and supplements for breeding mares and other types of horses.

Price and Value

Online stores have lower overheads than traditional stores or vets, and can therefore offer better prices to consumers. Discounts are often available for buying in bulk, and most websites run special promotional events with certain brands or product groups on offer. Even though internet shopping is generally good value for money, it is wise to compare product prices against what you would be charged in store or by a vet to ensure you are getting the best value for money on your purchases. Internet shopping is safe and secure. All reputable websites will have a padlock symbol on their checkout page to show that they comply to the highest security standards.


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